Jeffrey Wood

Production and Recording Services
I am presently the Studio Director for Fantasy Studios, the foremost recording facility of Northern California. We provide complete music production and recording services in every style of music. Over the last number of years our projects have extended beyond the US and United Kingdom popular market to include music from Belgium, Kazakhstan, Mali, Japan, France, Spain, Serbia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Venezuela, and Brazil. We offer the most quality team of recording professionals in the San Francisco bay area. We will work directly with you to budget, develop, and record your project to the highest professional level. 

Engineering/ Mixing
Whether we do a project from start to finish, or you bring in previously recorded tracks for overdubs, we can tailor the work exactly to your needs. If you have a project that has been recorded and needs mixing or remixing, talk to us for creative solutions and the most powerful sonic mixes.

Music Editing
Whether you need music placed into your film, or have music that needs to be retimed and inserted into a visual of any kind, we provide professional music editing services. This also includes track cleanup, audio enhancement, and mastering.

Music for Film
We offer composition, arranging, and production for your project, from full orchestral scoring and production to hard edged groove and sound design.

Whether you are producing a feature or documentary, we can compose and record music for your project. Based in the Saul Zaentz Media Center, we have access to top film editors, mixers, color correction and screening facilities to help you complete your project.  

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